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Kittywalk Pet Enclosure Outdoor Cat Habitat

This Kittywalk outdoor cat habitat looks bigger than the rv I live in! Hi, I’m Spot, the adorable and charming RV cat of this site, Buy A Cat A Present. Because I’m always on the go, I have a smaller, pop up cat playpen for some much needed fresh air and time away from my owners. But Wow! This outdoor cat habitat is amazing and, if we ever went back to living in a house, I would meow until my owners got me one. There would be plenty of room for Toto and me in this Kittywalk outdoor cat enclosure, … Continue reading

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Buy A Cat A Present On Valentines Day?

If you buy a cat a present on Valentines Day, given I’m quite the anti-Valentine cat, I must say you are crazy. However, my girlfriend Toto gets her way once again by forcing me to blog about cute little Valentine Day items for cats. So here are some things that you might enjoy getting a kitty this Valentine’s Day, to make your home more festive. Heart Shaped Catnip What could be more appropriate for a cat’s Valentines Day than catnip in the shape of a heart? Personally, I just like the catnip and you could put it in a sock … Continue reading

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Cat Condos, Free Shipping – What Else Do You Humans Want?

When you can buy your cats cool cat condos, free shipping should seal the deal for you humans, right? Now, being an rv cat, the entire motorhome is my kitty condominium – but for those of you who live in houses and apartments, a condo for cats is just what you need to relax, enjoy some quality time away from your owners and more. Condos for cats give kitties their own little place in the world. In addition, they are so aesthetically pleasing that you won’t even mind them being displayed in the living room. Your friends will gawk and … Continue reading

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