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Making A Cat Tree Condo Tower: Show Cats You Aren’t Worthless

Listen to me, for I am a cat – here to tell you the importance of making a cat tree yourself. Call it what you want, I truly don’t care – cat tree, condo, tower – the point is that we cats love them! We need our own space, because you complain when we are in yours…so give us our own apartment and then leave us alone! Why do you humans not buy us a deluxe cat condo – because you’re cheapskates! Alright…that was harsh…they are ridiculously expensive, I will admit. But you can build one yourself With This Do … Continue reading

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Cat Urination Problems – Like Peeing Outside Of The Litterbox

Ok folks…here we go again. I am a cat. I have to pee. My ancestors used to have the freedom to let nature take its course, such as peeing wherever they wanted! But no…you humans need to make us go in a dinky little box. Fine. We are very talented felines so we will compromise. But sometimes we just cannot help ourselves – and it drives you humans crazy when we pee right outside of the litterbox or in other areas of the home. No matter how aggravated you might get with us cats, our will always wins. Recognizing that … Continue reading

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