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Let’s Roll – Spot’s RV Cat Travel Preparation Tips For Cats

Well fellow rving cats and any traveling cat, I’m sure you can empathize that my next few days are going to be extremely busy! Yes, for the Labor Day holiday, we have to pack up the motorhome, get tidy and prepared to hit the road. We are going to drive about 80 miles and park in family’s driveway for the get together. But whether 80 or 800 miles, it is the same to me…I have so much to do! For instance: STEP ONE MAKE SURE THE RV IS IN TOP CONDITION BY CHECKING UNDERNEATH THE DASH. YEP, LOOKS GOOD! STEP … Continue reading

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An RVing Cat On The RV Dinette Cushions – Yep, See Pics

Hi folks! Spot the rv cat here…Though I am a cat of many words, screeching and complaining most of the day in our motorhome, this time I am here to show you some recent photos my owners took of me. I don’t get it…they are laughing when taking these adorable rv cat pics, yet shake their heads at the same time. Is there something WRONG with what I’m doing? I mean, they sit at the table…why shouldn’t I? I like the backrest provided by the rv dinette cushions. Being rather large, it comes in handy so I can sit upright … Continue reading

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RV Cats Litterbox Trick – How To Drive Your Owners Crazy

Sometimes we rv cats can get bored. It doesn’t happen often, because we tend to sleep about 22 hours a day, like we did in our brick and mortar homes of old. However, when we do get antsy, the rv cat can torment his owners for fun, to pass the time. Sometimes I like to drive them nuts by “hiding” – keep in mind I am huge, long and mostly white…there are no places to hide in a motorhome, really. But I find one impossible place, usually behind the guitar cases under the couch, and they start panicking I got … Continue reading