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RV Cat Owners “Play Ball” – Just Let Me Nap, Please

As all my regular readers know, my 2 humans can be very annoying. Especially when they try to get me to do something I really have no interest in. One of these activities is playing with a small plastic ball with little bells and sparkling lights inside. Most of the time it is a futile effort to even try to get me out of my comfy dashboard bed to play this stupid game. But there are times when I can’t resist. It seems to happen when we first park the motorhome. For some reason, my humans like to play the … Continue reading

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RVing With Cats – Cute, Personalized Gifts For The RV Cat

I love being an rv cat – even more, I love the status it brings. No, I’m not an ordinary cat living in a house…serving little purpose with exception of a swiffer to dust off wherever I lie. I’m a cool rving cat and with that comes responsibility… No more hiding under couches – I actually help navigate the rv, even when it makes scary sounds going down the road! No more blending in to the environment…the motorhome is my environment now, so I appear on beds, tables, dashboards…you name it! Here are some cute rv items for cool cats … Continue reading

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