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A Pet Bug Out Bag For A Cat, Because We Cats Matter!

In a time where so many humans are talking about disaster preparedness and 72 hour emergency kits, might this feline suggest to you to get a pet bug out bag? Has this ever crossed your mind or did you plan to leave the family cat alone, unable to open the canned cat food or pour a nice bowl of water? That’s what I thought. Well once again, we cats need to inform our owners that we aren’t stuffed animals…we are, indeed, adorable live creatures (emphasis on “live”) and we’d like to keep it that way. So if an earthquake should … Continue reading

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So Why Do Cats Pee On Furniture? Read On, Cat Owners

As you know, I’m a cat – and I get entertained seeing you humans question “why do cats pee on furniture and other places but in the litter box?” Though we cats really don’t want to talk about peeing (it is a bit personal), I feel obligated as a feline to explain what you don’t seem to comprehend…we are COMMUNICATING THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. I only had this problem once. I always used the litter box in one area of the home, then one day I decided I didn’t want to anymore. I had a bout of terrible stomach upset … Continue reading

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My Cat Is Fat And Lazy – Ever Think Maybe He’s Hibernating?

As a cat, I am tired of hearing, “my cat is fat and lazy.” Perhaps, to the untrained human eye, I am a bit large. And perhaps I appear to nap quite a bit. But I’m here to prove you humans wrong and tell you right now, we are simply hibernating. It is winter in the rv, which means I have to slow my fast, feline pace down a bit. Instead of sleeping 18 hours per day, I need about 23. But I’m not a fat lazy cat – not at all. Like a bear, I need the extra fat … Continue reading

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