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Westminster Best In Show Winners Should Be CATS, Says My Cat

Oh humans, this feline is sooo grateful that the Westminster Best In Show hysteria has come to an end in 2013. I am a cat who cannot stop laughing at the event, for so many reasons. Would you like to hear just some of them? Here you go: Dogs are dumb. I live with one and, well, she just ain’t that bright. I can see why it is best in “show” because basically these dog owners spend a fortune making them look poofy and sleek, then run them around in circles, then “winner!” Oh wow, impressive. These dogs honestly don’t … Continue reading

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How To Tell Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You, Humor Gifts

The other day we stumbled on “How To Tell Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You” by Matthew Inman, on “The Oatmeal” website. We knew there would be trouble, because there are so many hilarious comics on his site that we were glued to the laptops, with coffee in hand, careful not to spill. Not only does Inman have our style of humor, his artwork is hilarious as well. We couldn’t stop reading and couldn’t get enough. He has many topics, also dogs and cat comics, but The Oatmeal cat kill you theme is our favorite, because we’ve seen so … Continue reading

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