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The Crazy RV Cat Owners Think They’ve Taught Me To Speak

Sometimes I wonder how humans came to rule the earth. They are barely able to survive without all kinds of mechanical and technological crutches. They are unable to see, hear, smell or taste as well as the ordinary house canine, besides being completely helpless in the dark, unlike most animals. And they are amazingly stupid when it comes to interacting with us much smarter and more capable shining examples of the best the mammal kingdom has to offer – of course I’m talking about cats, notably yours truly. Take my Grandma – please! No, I’m just kidding about that because … Continue reading

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Humans And Their Funny Cat Bumper Stickers

So what is this whole bumper sticker thing about, anyway? Does every cat loving human want every other human to know about his or her addiction to us felines? I understand that being associated with a cat like me is something to be very proud of, but a bit of discretion is called for when it comes to these matters. After all, I don’t go around telling all the other cats I know that I am the owner of a couple of humans, and saying cute things about them. Really, there’s not much about them I would call cute, or … Continue reading

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