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What Happens To RV Cats When Fulltimers Buy New RVs? Read This!

Greetings to rving cats (and any other cat for that matter) everywhere. It is Spot the rv cat here to fill you in on my life at the present moment. You know, I find my owners entertaining most days…sometimes annoying…but what I’ve gone through this week really takes the catnip. While visiting in Illinois, they got the swell idea to sell the motorhome in exchange for a truck and 5th wheel camper. If you couldn’t guess, it is a nightmare. Here is what I am enduring, in no particular order: They didn’t tell me they were doing this. One day, … Continue reading

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Cheap Litterbox Alternatives For Frugal Cat Owners

I’ve got great, cheap litterbox alternative ideas, because I’m a smart cat. Sometimes my humans listen to me, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they have no choice because I yowl and meow so loudly that I am impossible to ignore. But finally, after many years, they seem to have gotten my message about the all-important litter box issue. And if you don’t think the problem of the litter box is so important, just think about all the rituals and behaviors that humans go through in the bathroom. We cats are actually much the same, but of course much superior. So you … Continue reading

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