Cat Tongue Sticking Out – A Lethal Symptom For Our Kitty

Note: This is a sad, outdated post for our usual “funny” rv cat blog. But I wrote this article a while back and the site I had it on went belly up. Though depressing, I think the topic is so important…that it could save another kitty’s life…so I’m putting it on this blog. Grab your tissue…we STILL miss our little Toto to this very day.

Seeing our “little hippie” kitty, Toto, with her cat tongue sticking out hadn’t been unusual. Even when we adopted her years ago, we always thought it was so cute because just the tip would stick out when she would look at us. She had boundless energy every day of her life, was loving and energetic, flew through annual vet appointments with flying colors – so we didn’t think much of it.

Toto (gray cat) Loved Spot

But then her tongue sticking out changed. It was out much further than normal. But there was nothing else different about her constant energy and sweet demeanor. Only six years old and given she stuck her tongue out all of her life, we just found it funny.

Then in April 2012, something changed – and it was virtually overnight. She was breathing very heavily (yet still acting quite normal) and an immediate trip to the vet was in order. Because we rv full time, we thought the new humid climate she wasn’t used to was the cause, perhaps bringing on allergies or asthma. We were concerned but never anticipated that when we left, we would be coming home without her.

The vet said her lungs had filled with fluid and that it could have been from a heart condition or cancer/tumor. We didn’t order an autopsy, so we will never know, but the point is that our cat’s tongue sticking out coincided with a terminal condition. It was no longer cute or funny, it was a sign we ignored and we were overcome with tremendous guilt. The vet assured us that the severity of her condition couldn’t have been known and that we are not to blame (that there probably was little that ever could have been done). But we miss our little Toto, as does her “mate” Spot, and we wish we had brought her in to the vet.

And Spot Loved Toto

There is enough to worry about in the world, so please do not immediately panic if your pet has his or her cat tongue sticking out. But take your cat to the vet to be safe – maybe our little sweetheart will actually save another cat’s life through her leaving us much, much too soon.

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