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Personalized Cat Gifts For People – A Poster Of Their Kitty!

Being a feline, I’m here to tell you humans about the perfect gift – personalized cat gifts posters. Yes, if you humans can swipe an image of the cat lover’s kitty, you are good to go! Of course, you might want to work on some wit so you can add a funny saying as well. For me, being witty comes naturally but I know you two legged folks struggle sometimes. Demotivational Cat Poster Funny Kitty Cats Posters by HangInThereCatPoster Check out other Cat demotivational Posters at   Anywho, because I am such an attractive cat, I’ve posted some examples … Continue reading

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Humans, Here Are My Top 10 Tips On How To Travel With A Cat

Well my feline friends and human burdens, Spot the rv cat is here to tell you how to travel with cats based on my drama a few days ago. You see, my owners recently sold our motorhome (keep in mind we are full time rvers so this was our HOME) to swap for a 5th wheel and pickup truck. That in and of itself was quite dramatic to this feline who prefers peace, quiet and consistency. But a few days ago they neglected to inform me it was time to say goodbye to family and travel 150 miles south to … Continue reading

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What Happens To RV Cats When Fulltimers Buy New RVs? Read This!

Greetings to rving cats (and any other cat for that matter) everywhere. It is Spot the rv cat here to fill you in on my life at the present moment. You know, I find my owners entertaining most days…sometimes annoying…but what I’ve gone through this week really takes the catnip. While visiting in Illinois, they got the swell idea to sell the motorhome in exchange for a truck and 5th wheel camper. If you couldn’t guess, it is a nightmare. Here is what I am enduring, in no particular order: They didn’t tell me they were doing this. One day, … Continue reading


Cheap Litterbox Alternatives For Frugal Cat Owners

I’ve got great, cheap litterbox alternative ideas, because I’m a smart cat. Sometimes my humans listen to me, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they have no choice because I yowl and meow so loudly that I am impossible to ignore. But finally, after many years, they seem to have gotten my message about the all-important litter box issue. And if you don’t think the problem of the litter box is so important, just think about all the rituals and behaviors that humans go through in the bathroom. We cats are actually much the same, but of course much superior. So you … Continue reading

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The Crazy RV Cat Owners Think They’ve Taught Me To Speak

Sometimes I wonder how humans came to rule the earth. They are barely able to survive without all kinds of mechanical and technological crutches. They are unable to see, hear, smell or taste as well as the ordinary house canine, besides being completely helpless in the dark, unlike most animals. And they are amazingly stupid when it comes to interacting with us much smarter and more capable shining examples of the best the mammal kingdom has to offer – of course I’m talking about cats, notably yours truly. Take my Grandma – please! No, I’m just kidding about that because … Continue reading

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Humans And Their Funny Cat Bumper Stickers

So what is this whole bumper sticker thing about, anyway? Does every cat loving human want every other human to know about his or her addiction to us felines? I understand that being associated with a cat like me is something to be very proud of, but a bit of discretion is called for when it comes to these matters. After all, I don’t go around telling all the other cats I know that I am the owner of a couple of humans, and saying cute things about them. Really, there’s not much about them I would call cute, or … Continue reading

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Westminster Best In Show Winners Should Be CATS, Says My Cat

Oh humans, this feline is sooo grateful that the Westminster Best In Show hysteria has come to an end in 2013. I am a cat who cannot stop laughing at the event, for so many reasons. Would you like to hear just some of them? Here you go: Dogs are dumb. I live with one and, well, she just ain’t that bright. I can see why it is best in “show” because basically these dog owners spend a fortune making them look poofy and sleek, then run them around in circles, then “winner!” Oh wow, impressive. These dogs honestly don’t … Continue reading

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How To Tell Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You, Humor Gifts

The other day we stumbled on “How To Tell Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You” by Matthew Inman, on “The Oatmeal” website. We knew there would be trouble, because there are so many hilarious comics on his site that we were glued to the laptops, with coffee in hand, careful not to spill. Not only does Inman have our style of humor, his artwork is hilarious as well. We couldn’t stop reading and couldn’t get enough. He has many topics, also dogs and cat comics, but The Oatmeal cat kill you theme is our favorite, because we’ve seen so … Continue reading

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A Pet Bug Out Bag For A Cat, Because We Cats Matter!

In a time where so many humans are talking about disaster preparedness and 72 hour emergency kits, might this feline suggest to you to get a pet bug out bag? Has this ever crossed your mind or did you plan to leave the family cat alone, unable to open the canned cat food or pour a nice bowl of water? That’s what I thought. Well once again, we cats need to inform our owners that we aren’t stuffed animals…we are, indeed, adorable live creatures (emphasis on “live”) and we’d like to keep it that way. So if an earthquake should … Continue reading

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So Why Do Cats Pee On Furniture? Read On, Cat Owners

As you know, I’m a cat – and I get entertained seeing you humans question “why do cats pee on furniture and other places but in the litter box?” Though we cats really don’t want to talk about peeing (it is a bit personal), I feel obligated as a feline to explain what you don’t seem to comprehend…we are COMMUNICATING THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. I only had this problem once. I always used the litter box in one area of the home, then one day I decided I didn’t want to anymore. I had a bout of terrible stomach upset … Continue reading

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