Say Goodbye To Cat Litter With The CatGenie 120

The CatGenie 120

The CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box
is making felines everywhere wake up from their naps and yell “Hoorah!” I’m one of those cats. Though I live in a motorhome full time, so can’t use an automatic litter box (my litterbox is in the shower of the rv, I kid you not…), I’m an advocate for kitties everywhere, because I am one!

Listen up cat lovers, your feline friend is tired of having dusty kitty litter stick to his or her paws. Also, while I’m on a roll, though we do cover up our messes, it is only because we have to wait countless hours for you to scoop it out (why don’t you try counting on us to flush YOUR TOILET?). And if these reasons weren’t enough, cats everywhere are tired of gravel sticking between our paws, perfume doused litter to cover up the fact you are long overdue to clean out our litter boxes. Yes, it is time every cat owner gets a CatGenie 120.

Basically, this amazing product has granules that get automatically cleaned, and the lovely surprises you usually find in our box get automatically scooped and disappear! We deserve a cat toilet system just like yours…so get us one today (and pick up some catnip, too, while you’re at it…thanks!).

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