Funny Feline Apparel: Neckties For Cats, Even A Cat Bow Tie!

I’m a feline and sometimes an occasion calls for dressing up a bit, like wearing neckties for cats or a bow tie. Why would I, Spot the rving kitty, need such a thing? Well…at times it is hard to be taken seriously when demanding my owners listen to my new demands – dressing up doesn’t hurt. Also, I’ve found because I’m such a large cat that a loud, crazy cat tie collar or bow tie distracts from my pear shape and makes me look thinner (making me a hit with the ladies).

Other events, such as holidays, parties or birthdays, it is nice to get dressed up. I find when I wear a cat necktie, I portray a sophistication that keeps the children from tugging on me or tormenting me when the adults aren’t looking.

In my rving lifestyle, though I’m quite large for a cat, I’m nothing compared to the 80 pound dog I share the camper with. If I want her to listen to me and remind her who rules the kingdom here, I simply slip on a cat bow tie or necktie and she immediately understands I am better than her (dogs are sooooo dumb, honestly).

Sometimes, I admit, my owners decide it would be fun to dress me up in fun cat apparel. Now mind you, these are not times I enjoy wearing a tie. I’m usually napping or wanting to be left alone and then the urge strikes them to make me “funny” somehow (can’t they find a way to entertain themselves?).

But except for those times when I’m not deciding, I can say that I believe I’ve proven my point – there are times in life where every male cat needs to remind everyone who is truly boss. At those times neckties for cats are perfect! So check out these pages full of CAT NECKTIES and CAT BOW TIES – but please choose something not too humiliating?

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