Cute Pink Dog Beds For Small Dogs – And CATS!

Quite Fun And Funky, I Will Admit

To Me, This Looks Like A Slipper

If you look at these cute, pink dog beds for small dogs and cats, you may wonder why I’m featuring them here on my cat gift blog. I am, of course, a sophisticated and masculine feline, who would not be caught dead in anything frilly or pink. However, my kitty girlfriend, Toto, just loves pink – and I promised her I’d do her a favor and
feature pink cat beds.

Oh Yes, Can You See ME In This Bed?

Toto took the time to carefully select what she considered to be the prettiest, pinkest cat and dog beds that she would like as a present. I think she is dropping hints because it is almost holiday time here in the motor home. Female cats are manipulative in that way, for certain. I had to limit her, because she also likes cat beds that are funky as well as kitty bunkbeds.

This Is A HEATED Cat Bed

We live in an rv full time, which can be a very confining and small space, when you get your girlfriend angry. Plus, I am a gentleman, so if Toto really wants me to show you all of the pretty, frilly pink dog and cat beds for kitties, then so be it.

So I, along with you, will also spend time looking at Toto’s Entire List Of Pink Cat Beds.I’ve informed Toto that we are not going to have a category labeled “pink” for her to plaster my cat gift site with all of that feminine stuff. I do take care of her in many ways, but do not intend to let her take over my quality work that I’ve written to date. What would my alley cat friends back home think and do, if they saw me featuring all flowery, feminine products for felines? I would never hear the end of it. Just look at what Toto did to me in the photo below, when she convinced me to go to a Hawaiian themed party. Humiliating, absolutely humiliating.

Do I Look Happy Here?

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