Cat Climbing Shelves Make Us Cats The Perfect Room Decor

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If you’re redecorating your house, let me tell you a decor trick – cat climbing shelves! Honestly, you humans have very little taste. Hanging tacky photos on the wall, as well as dust catchers like vases and figurines of farm animals, conveys to us cats that you need some serious fashion help. Why not consider purchasing the The Refined Feline Cat Cloud Cat Shelves in Titanium, Left Facing, to show your unique style and great taste?

They are available in white and titanium, can be purchased in either left or right facing models and can hold 75 pounds of cat. They even have replaceable, magnetic pads so we can be comfortable and not go sliding off the other side, when taking a flying leap. Just please be sure you know how to mount these things. Along with your poor interior design abilities, you tend to not be the best at home repair projects, either. Cats do not wish to test it out, only to plummet immediately to the ground.

Now, I live in a motorhome full time, so I have the ability to leap directly onto the kitchen table and scream in my owner’s face when I want something. But when we lived in a house, I could have used these! The thing I love best about these climbing shelves for cats is that now, when cats want to meow at the top of their lungs to remind you it is feeding time, they can be at eye level, or even higher – like hovering over your head! No, you cannot ignore us any longer, humans.

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