Making A Cat Tree Condo Tower: Show Cats You Aren’t Worthless

Listen to me, for I am a cat – here to tell you the importance of making a cat tree yourself. Call it what you want, I truly don’t care – cat tree, condo, tower – the point is that we cats love them! We need our own space, because you complain when we are in yours…so give us our own apartment and then leave us alone!

Build Me A Cat Tree, Or Share Your Bed

Why do you humans not buy us a deluxe cat condo – because you’re cheapskates! Alright…that was harsh…they are ridiculously expensive, I will admit. But you can build one yourself With This Do It Yourself Cat Tree Tool, and think of the boost to your precious self-esteem (unless your finished product is pathetic and unusable, then you will need to get therapy).

What is that you say? It takes too much time? Uh-huh. Let’s see…We cats witness you humans wasting a lot of time on things like cooking (why not eat out of a bag, like felines do?) and cleaning (really, the house looks just fine as it is – you really needn’t spruce it up just for us kitties). Let us not fail to mention tv time on the couch. I am quite certain that I speak for all cats when I say you can find the time to build us a cat tree.

With this product you can choose from 11 different designs (please include us in the decision making process, your taste often leaves something to be desired). It has simple instructions, which we felines know is very important to most humans. Best of all, if you decide you don’t like it, you can get a full refund of your $15.95, which can go toward purchasing your cat a deluxe cat tree from the pet store.

So it is a win-win…because you have nothing to lose (that’s the way you like it) and we cats have everything to gain (that’s the way we like it). What are you waiting for? Until you are done, you can find us on the couch, bed or even the kitchen table – time is of the essence…

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