Save My Life With A Petsafe Electronic, Battery Powered Cat Feeder

Petsafe Electronic Cat Feeder

Every day I worry about what would happen to me if my owners were hit by a garbage truck, bus or what have you. Who would feed me? The food is kept in a tight storage container, so I would have no hope to unscrew the lid and feed myself.

Then I heard about electronic cat feeders. Yes!! These gadgets are saving the lives of cats everywhere! Now, when their owners are involved in some kind of CAT-astrophic event, our grumbling kitty tummies can be tended to.

An auto cat feeder runs on batteries, and serves up a certain amount of food for a number of days. The PetSafe 5-Meal Electronic Pet Feeder stores five meals, so I have time for someone to recognize that I am all alone and at risk of starving to death.

For those of you who have owners that don’t check the batteries or neglect to fill all of the compartments – well, sorry to say, you’re on your own. Maybe you should store some extra kibble away in the slim chance that your owner will not come home some night.

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