Spot And The Kitty Holster Cat Harness – He Loves It!

Though I love the freedom of running around the woods, as I did in my youth, I recognize I am getting older and might not be as suave as I think when out in the wild. They got me a “Kitty Holster” and I have to admit, I really like it.

There’s me in my authentic Kitty Holster – I chose black to compliment my style.

In my youth, I drove my owners crazy by sneaking out the patio door and spending all night out in the forests of Montana. They would worry about me and get little sleep, but I was an escape artist back then and there was little they could do.

Now that I’m an rving cat, getting up there in years, they know I still enjoy fresh air…but my cat playpen doesn’t cut it all of the time because I like to move. My kitty holster, as you see in the photo, is perfect. It has wide velcro enclosures that are soft on my neck and belly, yet durable (to my dismay) so that I can’t escape it. They hook a lightweight leash on the sewn on metal loop and walk around with me in the campsites we visit.

Sometimes, when they don’t feel like walking, they still put me on it as they sit outside of the motorhome…and I just lie at their feet, content in the fresh air. I must admit, these are great gifts for city cats or rv cats like me! They come in tons of patterns and sizes, so cats can still be fashionable….

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