The Best Cat Houses For Outdoor Cats, Or An Indoor Cat, Too!

These Are The Best Folding Cat Habitats!

Ok, the best cat houses for outdoor cats are to LET US INSIDE! Honestly, a small cat playpen vs. a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home…hmm…let me think. Get a cat door and let’s move on! But I do realize, being a cat, that there are times you cannot handle the thought of being without me – who wouldn’t?

If you want to take me camping, let me out in the sun without risk of being attacked by coyotes or protect me indoors from your best friend’s toddler who is mesmerized by yanking on my tail, a cat outdoor enclosure is just the thing.

Not only are they portable, weighing less than me and lying flat as a pancake (unlike me), they are collapsible and pop up in an instant. I can take a safe nap in the sun, in the backyard, without you worrying about my running off (honest, why would I do that?). I can go on a trip, stay in a motel or whatever else you might have planned, having my own little comfy home to stretch out in. Also, a cat outdoor enclosure is perfect inside, too. Sometimes I need protection in my own home because you lack the courage to tell your friend that her little boy is a nightmare on wheels, abusing me at every turn. Pop up one of these cat playpens and put either me or the little guy in it.

Here is the one I use, and you can read all of the reasons why it is purrrrrfect!! The Perfect Cat Outdoor Enclosure For Our RV Cats

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