Nail Covers For Cats – The Oh So Stylish Soft Claws Caps

Soft Claws Nail Caps

Well, finally there is an alternative to declawing a cat that holds some promise…if you humans can figure out how to put them on properly. Soft Claws nail covers for cats is saving kitties everywhere from unethical treatment by yanking off claws.

Honestly, if your furniture is more important than my natural instinct to scratch, perhaps you should consider a pet sofa or recliner instead of me! I have claws and scratching is what I do. Just ask my owners, who decided to make our cheap, rv dinette cushions instead of investing in furnishings too irresistible for me.

In my house, I am content with a scratching post and my parents put throw covers over my favorite scratching places. It deters me a bit because when I hook on, they slide off (heavy, sarcastic sigh). But they know I am feline and I want my claws to be left right where they are.

These Soft Claws give an owner everything they want…less shredded household furnishings and a way to humiliate cats by dressing them up and decorating them. Yes, at Christmas they put on reds and greens, black and orange for halloween…whatever it takes to leave my paws alone!!

So make the ethical choice, all you cat people. Either buy used furniture that you replace every six months or purchase nail caps for me. But please, PLEASE, stop amputating claws for vanity’s sake!

I’ve said my peace.

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