Cat Urination Problems – Like Peeing Outside Of The Litterbox

Ok folks…here we go again. I am a cat. I have to pee. My ancestors used to have the freedom to let nature take its course, such as peeing wherever they wanted! But no…you humans need to make us go in a dinky little box. Fine. We are very talented felines so we will compromise.

But sometimes we just cannot help ourselves – and it drives you humans crazy when we pee right outside of the litterbox or in other areas of the home. No matter how aggravated you might get with us cats, our will always wins. Recognizing that this problem can even lead some cat owners to give their kitties away, it is time to find a solution and a compromise!

So I will save your sanity, because I am a thoughtful cat. This is a great resource to help you owners, who just don’t understand the complex nature of us kitties, find some peace so you aren’t all tense and stressed out all of the time. You humans truly do need to find a way to relax…honest. Look at us lying on your couch or bed…do we look worried about anything at all? Absolutely not! We truly know how to live…

So learn how to stop those cat urination problems and move on to stressing about something else…like which top matches your shoes or should you choose elbow macaroni or shells. Geez….

(18×20) Jon Bertelli Curiosity Art Print Poster

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