So Why Do Cats Pee On Furniture? Read On, Cat Owners

As you know, I’m a cat – and I get entertained seeing you humans question “why do cats pee on furniture and other places but in the litter box?” Though we cats really don’t want to talk about peeing (it is a bit personal), I feel obligated as a feline to explain what you don’t seem to comprehend…we are COMMUNICATING THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG.

Listen Up, Cat Owners...I've Got Something To Say

Listen Up, Cat Owners…I’ve Got Something To Say

I only had this problem once. I always used the litter box in one area of the home, then one day I decided I didn’t want to anymore. I had a bout of terrible stomach upset for a few weeks, so I associated that space as “bad.” Some of my other cat friends did this because they didn’t like a new cleaner used around the box. Some cats did it just to torment their owners.

Here is a great tool called “Stop Cat Peeing” to help you get to the bottom of it, if you’ll pardon the pun. Think of it as a translation tool, so you finally hear our plea! Truthfully, if we cats begin peeing outside of the litter box, there is usually a very good reason! Sometimes just getting a new box or changing locations is all it takes to keep us happy…and plenty of food, of course! So why do cats pee on furniture? It is our own unique language – we can’t speak, remember?

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