An RVing Cat Has The Ultimate Window Perch

This is the life – I mean, really…as an RVing cat, I truly have it made. I keep this cat blog to help my poor fellow felines who are apartment and house dwellers shop around for necessities they need to have a comfortable life. But for me, there is little I need because I’ve claimed the entire RV as my home.

As you can see, the entire dashboard of our Fleetwood Bounder is my window perch. No one fights me for it, I have a nice privacy curtain if I need it. The only time there is conflict with my owners is if I feel the urge to lie on it while traveling down the highway. I know it isn’t because they find my presence on the dash annoying – I’m sure they are only concerned for my safety.

I love lying in the window and looking outside. Sure, I have my outdoor playpen and a harness for walks, when I feel like actually moving (I just stand at the rv screen door and scream when I desire going out…works every time) – but I am quite content on my perch.

Sometimes, when my owners are outside, they do stupid things like come up to the glass and tap on it, like I’m a fish in a bowl. What do they expect me to do…entertain them at that point? Should I dance, juggle, roll around? Usually I just stare at them with a look that says “you’re an idiot.”

Anyway…I love being an rving cat. The ultimate cat gift recommendation on my blog? Humans, buy your cat a motorhome…he or she will love you for it!

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