How To Tell Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You, Humor Gifts

The other day we stumbled on “How To Tell Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You” by Matthew Inman, on “The Oatmeal” website. We knew there would be trouble, because there are so many hilarious comics on his site that we were glued to the laptops, with coffee in hand, careful not to spill. Not only does Inman have our style of humor, his artwork is hilarious as well. We couldn’t stop reading and couldn’t get enough. He has many topics, also dogs and cat comics, but The Oatmeal cat kill you theme is our favorite, because we’ve seen so … Continue reading

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How To Cope With The Loss Of A Pet – Losing Toto April 2012

Unfortunately, our household has had to cope with tremendous loss these past 10 months, and even more in the past 2 years. We accumulated fuzzy family members when my daughter was young and, as she is now almost an adult, our sweet pets have grown older, too. Last July, we were devastated at having to put our beautiful yellow Lab, Clementine, to sleep (nearly 13 years old). I didn’t do well with the grief initially, but found pet grief forums online quite helpful to get the hurt out. Now only last month, we had the unexpected loss of Spot’s “mate,” … Continue reading

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