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Kittywalk Pet Enclosure Outdoor Cat Habitat

This Kittywalk outdoor cat habitat looks bigger than the rv I live in! Hi, I’m Spot, the adorable and charming RV cat of this site, Buy A Cat A Present. Because I’m always on the go, I have a smaller, pop up cat playpen for some much needed fresh air and time away from my owners. But Wow! This outdoor cat habitat is amazing and, if we ever went back to living in a house, I would meow until my owners got me one. There would be plenty of room for Toto and me in this Kittywalk outdoor cat enclosure, … Continue reading

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The Best Cat Houses For Outdoor Cats, Or An Indoor Cat, Too!

Ok, the best cat houses for outdoor cats are to LET US INSIDE! Honestly, a small cat playpen vs. a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home…hmm…let me think. Get a cat door and let’s move on! But I do realize, being a cat, that there are times you cannot handle the thought of being without me – who wouldn’t? If you want to take me camping, let me out in the sun without risk of being attacked by coyotes or protect me indoors from your best friend’s toddler who is mesmerized by yanking on my tail, a cat outdoor enclosure is … Continue reading

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