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No Spill Traveling Water Bowl – Bowls For Cats And Dogs

A traveling water bowl is an essential part of my RV cat life. My owners, cutting corners wherever they can, tried to find a non-spill water bowl that would hydrate both Toto and me, plus our big dog, Hannah. When rving, just turning a corner can make for one wet cat and, as though I need to state this, I HATE water! However, not putting a cat water dish down when rving for hours would leave me dehydrated, of course. We use this travel water bowl in the motorhome whenever we are on the go, and it works. In fact, … Continue reading

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The Drinkwell 360 Cat Fountain, Provides Water And Peace

I’m a pretty simple cat, not needing much fancy stuff to keep me content. But let me tell you cat owners, you’ve gotta get your cats the Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain. My feline friend, Tom, was worried about his sleeping habits. He was only able to sleep about 16 hours a day. But now that he has this pet fountain, he is sleeping nearly 20! What a relief…really thought something was wrong with the poor fella. This awesome pet fountain finally gives cats the opportunity to drink filtered water, like you people and your water bottles. Maybe the family dog … Continue reading

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