Panic Mouse 360 – A Great Cat Toy, Like A Wii Toy For Cats

The Panic Mouse 360 - Who Needs Humans?

You know, as a cat, I recognize you humans are on a budget and the economy is collapsing, but the Panic Mouse 360 is a great toy for cats. Maybe you can consider giving up that daily latte and invest in something a bit more exciting for us cats than a dollar store feather on a stick?

Actually, the Panic Mouse 360 Cat Toy involves your beloved feather on a stick, that continually sits on the bookcase, never to be seen or played with after the first night you bring it home. The Panic Mouse 360 gets rid of the need for you humans, adding a little zip into our lives without needing you in the least. Oh, we try to get your attention while watching tv, stretching our little necks in the direction of the feather stick – but you are too tired to what? Flip your wrist around for a few minutes?

Anyway, just get us the Panic Mouse 360 or any of the other related action toys like the Undercover Mouse or the Panic Mouse Kitty Go Krazy. Yes, it will involve a few dollars and a few minutes of your time to order, but after that, you can pretend we aren’t even there. That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

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