Buy A Cat A Present On Valentines Day?

If you buy a cat a present on Valentines Day, given I’m quite the anti-Valentine cat, I must say you are crazy. However, my girlfriend Toto gets her way once again by forcing me to blog about cute little Valentine Day items for cats. So here are some things that you might enjoy getting a kitty this Valentine’s Day, to make your home more festive.

Heart Shaped Catnip

What could be more appropriate for a cat’s Valentines Day than catnip in the shape of a heart? Personally, I just like the catnip and you could put it in a sock for all I care, but I guess this makes a good cat gift on the holiday.

Tiger Dreamz Trundle Heart Bed

Now I know Toto would love for me to get her this for Valentine’s Day. The Tiger Dreamz trundle bed is covered in hearts, plus it is soft and cuddly and can be used as a mat, sack or cozy little hideaway.

Valentine’s Day Cat Collar

Given that you humans feel the need to decorate us cats as well, won’t you consider the sophisticated look of a heart cat collar instead of clothing? Would really appreciate it!

So now you have some ideas of Valentine’s Day gifts for us cats. However, if you really want to show us how much you love us, why not consider opening up a can of tuna for us?

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