About Spot The RV Cat

I’m Spot The Cat, Living The RV Life

I’m Spot, and I’m an rving cat with a lot of time on his paws. Though I enjoy spending the day in the sun, on the dashboard of the motorhome, I’ve been told I need to do more than just sleep all day.

My owners, Jim and Robin, rv full time and have a blog called Cheap RV Living, so that’s where I came up with the idea of starting my own cat blog, as well as opening a store for cats, called “Buy A Cat A Present,” which is this very site.

That Blob Of Gray Fur Is My Girlfriend, Toto


In my experience, cat lovers always think they know what we want. The poor souls spend a lot of money on things they consider “cute” – only to be disappointed when we just sit and stare at the cat toys, refuse to be placed in an outdoor cat habitat or spit out the fish shaped cat food treats they just brought home (do they really think we care what shape the cat food is?). I’m here to tell cat lovers everywhere to buy a cat a present or accessory that we truly want.

“Look Into My Eyes…You Are Getting Sleepy…You Will Give Me Tuna”

It is time to take back control, so felines unite! Show your owner buy-a-cat-a-present.com and take a stand. Everything you could ever want is right here – perfect cat accessories, cool kitty toys we might find some interest in, scratching posts, playhouses and so much more. I will give my review in easy to understand cat lingo, so your owner doesn’t get confused. We are much more intelligent creatures, so I will try to scale my language back into something he or she might comprehend.

Of course, I will mainly blog about being an rving cat, to entertain both cats and rvers. Enjoy!

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