My Cat Is Fat And Lazy – Ever Think Maybe He’s Hibernating?

As a cat, I am tired of hearing, “my cat is fat and lazy.” Perhaps, to the untrained human eye, I am a bit large. And perhaps I appear to nap quite a bit. But I’m here to prove you humans wrong and tell you right now, we are simply hibernating. It is winter in the rv, which means I have to slow my fast, feline pace down a bit. Instead of sleeping 18 hours per day, I need about 23. But I’m not a fat lazy cat – not at all. Like a bear, I need the extra fat … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays To All RV Cats – What An RVing Cat Wants For Christmas

Well rving cats, the holidays have arrived. As long as the Mayans are incorrect, I should have a lovely holiday here in the motorhome. As I type this, there are 40 mph winds blasting our rickety rig, my owners look quite catatonic and I am just waking up (at 4:30 pm) from a 7 hour nap…feeling quite good. So my gift list to Santa was quite short this year – only wanted two things: Peace and quiet from my owners and the rv dog during the day. Confidence that the Fancy Feast cat food company will not cease making the … Continue reading

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RV Cat Owners “Play Ball” – Just Let Me Nap, Please

As all my regular readers know, my 2 humans can be very annoying. Especially when they try to get me to do something I really have no interest in. One of these activities is playing with a small plastic ball with little bells and sparkling lights inside. Most of the time it is a futile effort to even try to get me out of my comfy dashboard bed to play this stupid game. But there are times when I can’t resist. It seems to happen when we first park the motorhome. For some reason, my humans like to play the … Continue reading

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RVing With Cats – Cute, Personalized Gifts For The RV Cat

I love being an rv cat – even more, I love the status it brings. No, I’m not an ordinary cat living in a house…serving little purpose with exception of a swiffer to dust off wherever I lie. I’m a cool rving cat and with that comes responsibility… No more hiding under couches – I actually help navigate the rv, even when it makes scary sounds going down the road! No more blending in to the environment…the motorhome is my environment now, so I appear on beds, tables, dashboards…you name it! Here are some cute rv items for cool cats … Continue reading

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Am I A Cat With Separation Anxiety? Yowling, Howling And Me…

So I admit, I’ve been a bit of a jerk lately. I don’t mean to, but in my rving life I am happiest when on the road with my family and, most importantly, when my family is in the motorhome with me. Anything else I will not tolerate in the least. I’m an rv cat who knows what he wants. Anyway, in the past month, after months of zero change (just the way I like it), my owners thought it would be fun to mess with my head and change everything. It started with travel at the start of September. … Continue reading

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Spot And The Kitty Holster Cat Harness – He Loves It!

Though I love the freedom of running around the woods, as I did in my youth, I recognize I am getting older and might not be as suave as I think when out in the wild. They got me a “Kitty Holster” and I have to admit, I really like it. In my youth, I drove my owners crazy by sneaking out the patio door and spending all night out in the forests of Montana. They would worry about me and get little sleep, but I was an escape artist back then and there was little they could do. Now … Continue reading

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Hey RV Cats – Show The Repair Guys Who Is Boss…You!

When it comes to being an rv cat, there are times we can save our owners some money. No, we don’t do it out of the kindness of our hearts…it’s just to keep them happy, in a good mood…so we get more treats, attention, etc. Look at my recent photo below… Recently, my owners had a heap of rv repair work to do on MY home. So…the mobile rv repair guy came out. Now most of you rving cats get stupid and go hiding under couches. What good will that do? What you need to do is be present, distract … Continue reading

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Let’s Roll – Spot’s RV Cat Travel Preparation Tips For Cats

Well fellow rving cats and any traveling cat, I’m sure you can empathize that my next few days are going to be extremely busy! Yes, for the Labor Day holiday, we have to pack up the motorhome, get tidy and prepared to hit the road. We are going to drive about 80 miles and park in family’s driveway for the get together. But whether 80 or 800 miles, it is the same to me…I have so much to do! For instance: STEP ONE MAKE SURE THE RV IS IN TOP CONDITION BY CHECKING UNDERNEATH THE DASH. YEP, LOOKS GOOD! STEP … Continue reading

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An RVing Cat On The RV Dinette Cushions – Yep, See Pics

Hi folks! Spot the rv cat here…Though I am a cat of many words, screeching and complaining most of the day in our motorhome, this time I am here to show you some recent photos my owners took of me. I don’t get it…they are laughing when taking these adorable rv cat pics, yet shake their heads at the same time. Is there something WRONG with what I’m doing? I mean, they sit at the table…why shouldn’t I? I like the backrest provided by the rv dinette cushions. Being rather large, it comes in handy so I can sit upright … Continue reading

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RV Cats Litterbox Trick – How To Drive Your Owners Crazy

Sometimes we rv cats can get bored. It doesn’t happen often, because we tend to sleep about 22 hours a day, like we did in our brick and mortar homes of old. However, when we do get antsy, the rv cat can torment his owners for fun, to pass the time. Sometimes I like to drive them nuts by “hiding” – keep in mind I am huge, long and mostly white…there are no places to hide in a motorhome, really. But I find one impossible place, usually behind the guitar cases under the couch, and they start panicking I got … Continue reading