How Spot The RV Cat Keeps Cool In A Heatwave

Hello to RV cats everywhere! It is July 2012 and we have to be in the midwest this summer, for family reasons. Of course, we are usually in Montana this time of the year…where even if it gets hot for a month or two, the temps drop off to the 40s at night. But not HERE! No…I can’t even go out on my my cat harness or in my play yard because I just cannot take the heat.

I Sneak Under The Tray When My Owners Get Up – Truly Ticks Them Off!

My humans also gripe and grumble all day long these days…they would make excellent felines, I often think to myself! We have two air conditioners in the motorhome, but only one can run at a time. Because in this heat they’ve chosen to work in the back bedroom, that means I have two choices – sit in the 210 degree living room like an idiot or “join them” on the memory foam in the cool, crisp air.

They don’t appreciate my presence, because I am rather large. So they try to work on the bed with their little lap trays and computers, and I stretch out and take up as much space as possible, leaving them dangling over the bed.

My favorite trick is when one of them gets up to leave and stretch for a moment…then I take over that space as well! It really ticks them off but while we are trapped in this metal oven, I have to entertain myself somehow.

So my strategy for surviving this insane heat is to nap through most of it, lying atop a comfy memory foam mattress, laughing at the dog on the bedroom floor and enjoying the cool air conditioning until the outside air cools down.

Happy Travels to all of you RVing cats! Sincerely, Spot

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