Litter Locker 2 – Great For House Cats Or An RV Cat Like Me!

Well folks, as an rv cat I must say the Litter Locker 2 has made my owners very happy. Don’t get me wrong, this affordable little litter disposal system, about the cost of a few bags of kitty litter, is great for any cat (except an alley cat, for obvious reasons). But rving with cats presents many challenges, and one of them is kitty litter box odor.

The Litter Locker 2 - Say Goodbye To P.U.

When people rv with a cat, and I’m a cat who lives in an rv, so I speak with intelligence and experience, they aren’t always around a garbage can, nor is it convenient to walk a bag of stinky cat litter to the nearest dumpster. That said, humans (though I don’t mind) don’t want to leave it inside, in their garbage can. They also don’t want to mix it in with a waste can they may have outside, sitting in the sun (need I elaborate the “why” on that one?).

Now there is no dilemma for owners of rv cats. They can scoop and keep on scooping for weeks at a time, keeping the Litter Locker 2 wherever they please. No odor, no worries. Then when it is convenient to do so, they can dispose of weeks worth of my…ummm…you know.

The same issues plague home dwellers, too. Humans, I guess, don’t feel like we do an adequate job covering our messes…and they desperately search for a place to toss our clumpy, dirty, stinky litter (those are words I hear my owners say, among others). Now they can put one of these next to the litterbox and the problem is solved!

So humans, get it together…get a Litter Locker 2 and let’s move on, shall we??

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