No Spill Traveling Water Bowl – Bowls For Cats And Dogs

Traveling Water Bowl For Cats Or Dogs

A traveling water bowl is an essential part of my RV cat life. My owners, cutting corners wherever they can, tried to find a non-spill water bowl that would hydrate both Toto and me, plus our big dog, Hannah. When rving, just turning a corner can make for one wet cat and, as though I need to state this, I HATE water! However, not putting a cat water dish down when rving for hours would leave me dehydrated, of course.

We use this travel water bowl in the motorhome whenever we are on the go, and it works. In fact, sometimes the dopey, overexcited dog flips it over on accident and water doesn’t drain out everywhere. Once we park, we of course get our regular water bowl back, because sharing a bowl with a drooling dog is not something a cat truly wants to do.When the rv isn’t moving, this traveling water bowl is used in the car, for the crazy dog they like to cart through town. In sum, no spill bowls are great for traveling cats, and dogs as well.

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