Traveling With Cats? Try A Biodegradable Cat Travel Litter Box!

I am definitely a traveling cat – well aware of the problems that can arise living on the road. I live in an rv full time, but sometimes I still need to go here or there. It’s at these times when my owners desperately search for solutions. Aside from portable cat houses and non-spill food bowls, let’s face it – cat litter boxes are a problem.

We aren’t like dogs (thank goodness) who just go anywhere in public…we have needs and we are discreet, royal creatures. We want to keep our dignity and have privacy when nature calls. Enter the The Eco Friendly Biodegradable Travel Cat Litter Box 5 Pack. They are lightweight, disposable, portable and perfect for travel. In addition, they offer privacy with a hole opening in an enclosed space. We can’t resist crawling in boxes, so these litter boxes are perfect!

Now because I am a very, very large cat, that presents other challenges. For cat owners who have jumbo kitties like me, I am positive you can make a homemade version with a larger box. Save boxes from around the house, collapse them, bring some duct tape, trash bags and a box cutter to make a pop-up litter box on the fly.

There are disposable litter boxes on the market, but personally they are quite small, not deep and are of no interest to me. So it just sits there while I hold my breath – determined NOT to go until we return home, which is difficult on a two week trip. Though we are wiser than our owners, we have faith that their creativity can pay off during times like these.

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