Am I A Cat With Separation Anxiety? Yowling, Howling And Me…

So I admit, I’ve been a bit of a jerk lately. I don’t mean to, but in my rving life I am happiest when on the road with my family and, most importantly, when my family is in the motorhome with me. Anything else I will not tolerate in the least. I’m an rv cat who knows what he wants.

Rolling Stones Were Wrong! You CAN Always Get What You Want…”but if you howl sometimes, you just might find….”

Anyway, in the past month, after months of zero change (just the way I like it), my owners thought it would be fun to mess with my head and change everything. It started with travel at the start of September. We went everywhere and every day my view out the window changed. It wasn’t too bad because they were in the camper most of the time.

But then we parked to visit family – and stayed and stayed. Though my owners sleep in the rv at night, to keep me company, during the day they are busy going here and there, often in the house (where I am not welcome due to pet allergies and one large yellow lab who might eat me). On nice days, they take me on the patio in my outdoor enclosure or cat harness, as I mention on this blog, but often I sit in the rv without them.

I know they are visiting – what can they do? Take me out to dinner? Bring me in to watch a movie? I get it, I get it…but I don’t have to like it…and I vocalize this every morning at about 5 or 6 am. I get them really ticked because I start yowling and howling at the top of my lungs (and I’m a big cat…I’ve got big lungs).

Everything my owners read says to ignore the behavior but give me more attention during the day – and you gotta give the chumps an A for effort…they try. But I know what I want…an invitation onto their bed. So at 5 am I’m ready for the invitation. Once I get my way, lying with them, I am immediately quiet.

So that is the routine for now…until we all get on the road in a permanent setting again. It does keep me entertained and I do get the attention I deserve…so howling and yowling, as an rving cat, does work for me!

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