Happy Holidays To All RV Cats – What An RVing Cat Wants For Christmas

Well rving cats, the holidays have arrived. As long as the Mayans are incorrect, I should have a lovely holiday here in the motorhome. As I type this, there are 40 mph winds blasting our rickety rig, my owners look quite catatonic and I am just waking up (at 4:30 pm) from a 7 hour nap…feeling quite good.

Happy Holidays, Now Go Away

Happy Holidays, Now Go Away

So my gift list to Santa was quite short this year – only wanted two things:

  • Peace and quiet from my owners and the rv dog during the day.
  • Confidence that the Fancy Feast cat food company will not cease making the only one of the 75 flavors and varieties that I like – Classic Chicken Feast.

Is that too much to ask? My owners have a whole rv gift blog full of things they’d love to have – how materialistic…honest. Nope, I just want peace and food…oh, and a clean litterbox, but my owners have that covered.

Happy Holidays all you rving cats…Love, Spot


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