Hey All You RVing Cats, Demand Your Place At The RV Table

Today’s tip is to teach you rving cats how to demand your place at the rv table. I’m a cat who knows all of the best camper tricks out there – ones to get you your deserved authority in the motorhome or trailer while your owners, too weak and outsmarted to fight you, give in to your every whim.

I'm An RV Cat - See How I Show My Owner Who Is Boss?

I’m An RV Cat – See How I Show My Owner Who Is Boss?

One of the best examples I have of this is when it comes to fine dining in the rv dinette. Now here is what you need to do to make this work perfectly (my rv cat tricks of the trade):

  1. Get an rv dog. Honest…bring home a stray, make them watch those dreaded dog adoption commercials, leave newspapers out where it says “dog needs good home.” This step may take awhile, but it is really important.
  2. Coax dog to eat your food. RV owners who are rving with cats will not like the idea of putting food on the rv dining table, so you need to give them no options. They will start with the delusion that leaving it on the floor is ok, that the doggie is a “good boy!” So either you have to force the dog to eat the food OR eat it yourself, even if you get sick, and scatter evidence that looks like the dog did it. One great trick is to make sure the bowl is licked clean, like new – absolute proof a dog was there.
  3. Help navigate your owner’s cat food dish placement to the dining room table. This may take a bit of trial and error, because rvers with cats will avoid the idea of the cat on the dinner table. But don’t despair! If they put it up too high, like on a kitchen counter, refuse to climb or jump up, look weak and hungry from avoiding the leap, knock down a vase. Just keep sabotaging their ideas until they give up and choose the dinette.
  4. Enjoy eating on the dinette table a bit too much. Ok rv cats, now that your food bowl is safely on the dinette table, be sure to make them feel confident in their decision by gazing out the window with glee as you chew, clean up after yourself (only at first) so they don’t regret the decision.
  5. Finally, they will hardly notice that you are actually sharing the seat with them while THEY eat. Victory!
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize - A Potato Chip

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize – A Potato Chip

RV cats, you are the boss – don’t ever forget it!

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