Humans And Their Funny Cat Bumper Stickers

So what is this whole bumper sticker thing about, anyway? Does every cat loving human want every other human to know about his or her addiction to us felines? I understand that being associated with a cat like me is something to be very proud of, but a bit of discretion is called for when it comes to these matters. After all, I don’t go around telling all the other cats I know that I am the owner of a couple of humans, and saying cute things about them. Really, there’s not much about them I would call cute, or lovable or even vaguely amusing. On the other hand, it is very hard to imagine a bumper sticker with enough space to talk about ME (or any other cat) and do me justice – I am a quite complex, beautiful, and intelligent creature, one that can’t be reduced to a clever proverb or silly saying.

Just as an example, let’s say you put a bumper sticker on your car or truck or RV (that’s where I live with my humans, as you know), and it basically sends the message to all other humans reading it (when they are close enough of course – their eyesight is very poor), that the inhabitants LOVE their cat or cats. First of all, this is an entirely unnecessary message – of course we are loved, and there is no cat-keeping human who would be able to live with a cat and not love it – that’s impossible.

Second, we cats do NOT need everyone in the human world knowing about our human’s addiction to us – it just seems like the wrong thing to do. We have enough to do what with training, maintaining and managing our humans without others interfering. I have had far too many people walking by and tapping on the windshield while I am trying to sleep after a hard night of teaching my humans to awaken at my call, thinking that they are being amusing or entertaining. A cat bumper sticker for the motorhome of any kind simply makes it more permissible, for some reason, for these displays of misbehavior to happen. The bottom line is that I don’t allow my humans to put cute cat bumper stickers on any vehicle I may be living in, either temporarily or permanently. I certainly hope that all other proud felines will keep a close eye on their humans, and stop this degrading and embarrassing practice.

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