If You Are RVing With Cats, Give A Cat Some PRIVACY Please!

Ok all of you rving with cats, here’s a little tip – can you be quiet for, oh, FIVE MINUTES PLEASE? This rv cat gets tired of moving from here to there, trying to escape you humans and your endless yapping, cabinets banging and…my favorite…JUST HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU NEED TO OPEN AND CLOSE THE CAMPER DOOR? Sheesh.

It is no secret that the unique cats in an rv require lots of rest in this hectic lifestyle. Furniture in RVs, the typical hiding spots for felines, are bolted to the ground so there are few places to get away from their owners and their incessant yackity-yack noise. Can’t go under the couch or the bed – so that leaves me exposed.

Just look at what I’ve become in the photo below. Fortunately my owner’s bedspread is too big for the bed, and this provides just the perfect little dark hideout for me on the floor. The problem is sometimes they don’t see me, so I get stepped on. As you can see, I stick my feet out in hopes they will notice before flattening me like a pancake.

My RV Cat Hideout At The End Of The Bed, Under The Bedspread Hanging Down

My RV Cat Hideout On The Floor, At The End Of The Bed, Underneath The Bedspread

Anyway, this is just a friendly (not!) public service announcement to rvers that the rving cat would appreciate some peace and quiet. Can’t you go out during daylight hours? I don’t care if you are loud after, oh…midnight or so…that’s when I’m awake, so that works for me! Thanks in advance.

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