My Cat Is Fat And Lazy – Ever Think Maybe He’s Hibernating?

As a cat, I am tired of hearing, “my cat is fat and lazy.” Perhaps, to the untrained human eye, I am a bit large. And perhaps I appear to nap quite a bit. But I’m here to prove you humans wrong and tell you right now, we are simply hibernating.

It is winter in the rv, which means I have to slow my fast, feline pace down a bit. Instead of sleeping 18 hours per day, I need about 23. But I’m not a fat lazy cat – not at all. Like a bear, I need the extra fat to sustain me during these cold, winter months. UNLIKE a bear, however, I do continue eating throughout hibernation…a small flaw in my theory.

Trying To Make A "Den" On Driver's Side Floor Of The Motorhome

Trying To Make A “Den” On Driver’s Side Floor Of The Motorhome

Regardless, during the short days of winter, and given it is cold and snowy outside (two things I truly detest) why not be lazy cats? After all, don’t see the humans being super-active either unless pushing play on the DVD player or getting up to make popcorn is considered a real workout. Are bears lazy? No – they are given a free pass – it is their nature. Well maybe, before we were domesticated, it was our nature, too!

So I will come out of my “den” come spring. For now, this lazy cat plans to hibernate…on the bed, chair, floor…wherever I please. As long as the motorhome is stabilized and level, so I don’t jostle or roll off my perch, I plan to have a long winter’s nap.

So humans, quit saying “my cat is fat and lazy” and just appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of your fantastic feline.

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