RV Cat Owners “Play Ball” – Just Let Me Nap, Please

As all my regular readers know, my 2 humans can be very annoying. Especially when they try to get me to do something I really have no interest in. One of these activities is playing with a small plastic ball with little bells and sparkling lights inside. Most of the time it is a futile effort to even try to get me out of my comfy dashboard bed to play this stupid game. But there are times when I can’t resist.

I’m Tired, Go Away…

It seems to happen when we first park the motorhome. For some reason, my humans like to play the ball game with me as soon as we have stopped moving. The curious thing (I love to observe their behavior) is that one of them will roll the ball at me, watch me bat at it a couple of times, then go outside and do something to the RV. Then we go through the whole thing again until they seem to be satisfied and ready to stop playing. By that time I’m usually worn out and ready for a nap, but it does feel good to think that I have helped them somehow. They call it leveling the rv, whatever that means.

Another way I try to help out around my home is with the cleaning. I am a rather large and fluffy cat, and just by going under the couch I can gather up a lot of dustbunnies. Then I come out and shake them off before I go back looking for more. This is a great game, and my humans seem to love it because they are always trying to catch all the stuff I find before it blows away or the silly dog walks over it and all my work gets scattered. It seems that I never run out of that kind of stuff.

And of course if there was ever a mouse inside of my RV I would gladly chase it down. I used to do that all the time before I became an RV cat. I would spend hours roaming the Montana forest hunting field mice and even the occasional bird or two. I was a very good hunter, as my humans can tell you – I used to leave my prey on the doorstep when I couldn’t eat any more. But here in the RV there don’t seem to be any mice, and my days of going outdoors without a leash are gone. Oh well, I’m too old for that antway. I’ll just chase that silly ball around until I decide to stop, and then go have lunch. It’s a tough job, but I can handle it.

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