RV Cats Litterbox Trick – How To Drive Your Owners Crazy

Sometimes we rv cats can get bored. It doesn’t happen often, because we tend to sleep about 22 hours a day, like we did in our brick and mortar homes of old. However, when we do get antsy, the rv cat can torment his owners for fun, to pass the time.

Sometimes I like to drive them nuts by “hiding” – keep in mind I am huge, long and mostly white…there are no places to hide in a motorhome, really. But I find one impossible place, usually behind the guitar cases under the couch, and they start panicking I got out the front door.

My Cat Nap Is About 22 Hours Long

Sometimes I like to leap onto the dining table as dinner is being served – that’s always good for a few laughs. I also like stretching out on their bed, occasionally clawing at the furniture just to hear that soothing sound…you get the idea – we rving cats can really stir things up on a dull day.

But my FAVORITE thing to do pertains to the litterbox. So where does one put a gigantic litterbox in a recreational vehicle, you ask? I am huge so average boxes won’t do. Well my owners put a large Rubbermaid bin in the shower and fill it up with one large bag of kitty litter. They have a little step stool on the floor and a nice privacy curtain (the shower curtain) for when nature calls.

However, I’ve discovered I can bang on the walls nicely, and it echoes in the bathroom. The shower wall, on the other side, is their bedroom wall. See where I’m going with this? I can make one heck of a lot of noise when I jump in to do my business…and believe me, I do! Guess my favorite time of the day to practice my drumming on the shower walls…yep, about 3am.

I like to bang for about 5 minutes solid, until I’m sure my owners are good and awake. Sometimes I can hear them yell from their beds, “Spppoootttttttt!” I snicker to myself and just keep banging. What are they gonna do, come yank me out of the litterbox? Yes…rv cats do have the life, don’t they?

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2 Responses to RV Cats Litterbox Trick – How To Drive Your Owners Crazy

  1. janet says:

    If you haven’t discovered Breeze litter boxes yet, it is a miracle, and perfect for an RV. IT comes with pellets and pads, and NO LITTER EVER GETS OUT, nothing to step on and sweep away, and they are quite a good size also. We JUST PURCHASED a 20 foot 1985 Terry Taurus Trailer YESTERDAY and my hubby wants to take the cat, so this is the perfect solution. My mom introduced me to Breeze system (can get any petstore, or walmart), and always listen to your mom! I already have TONS of cool ideas to improve our RV, on my way to home depot now!

    • Spot says:

      Thanks for that tip! Will definitely have to check that out. With our gigantic cat, finding any litterbox to fit him has been a challenge. Yes, he is chubby…but he is also very, very long…an odd little guy, to say the least! Congrats on getting your Terry travel trailer…if the weather would just get better across the country! Warm temps will be here soon. Spot likes being in his pop up house outside, too…that comes in handy when he is acting like he has cabin fever (like now!). Thanks again for commenting! Robin, Jim (and Spot)

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