RVing With Cats? Humans, We’re Unpredictable, Deal With It

If you’re rving with cats, then you are probably rvers who whine about the unpredictability of your rv cat. Given I’m a traveling feline, let me set you humans straight about something…the ONLY box you will put kitties in is the litterbox. We aren’t made via cookie cutters, we don’t have cliques (like the human soccer mom phenomenon, sheesh!) and, frankly, we don’t care what you think about us!

So let me take you on a tour of recent events in our 5th wheel these past few months. All I hear is constant complaining about where I choose to sleep. My owners bought me a new fuzzy bed for the floor, and I appreciate the gesture, but cats in an rv aren’t interested in beds all that much unless on the dashboard of a motorhome (and if you recall, my owners sold the motorhome for a fifth wheel, so there went that).


So initially I was very intrigued and excited by the faux bear rug that was given as a gift last May. At night, it was placed on the couch in a fluffy, bundled utopia, and I slept like a rock for months. But then the humans made an enticing, homemade dog bed that went under the dinette table at night for Hannah. It was so comfy, I kicked the canine to the curb and took it over…so she is stuck sleeping on the floor, while I got the cozy new bed. But then that got old, so for the last few nights I sleep next to my “mom” on the people bed – and my parents are none too happy about that.

The beauty of being an rv cat is that you can sleep and do whatever you want, whenever you want. When you get bored of one thing, just do something else. Only minutes ago, my “nap space” was under the air conditioning vent, right in front of the front door. Everyone must step over me to go in or out. AGAIN I must listen to them whine and complain to me about my sleeping or napping choice.

So if you are rving with cats like me and you’re tired of the rv cat changing sleeping locations, I can only say this – “don’t knock it ’til you try it!” Honest, kitty owners are sooooo boring sleeping in the same bed, night after night. Why not live a little? Sleep under the dinette! Sleep in the middle of the floor! Quit being so incredibly predictable.

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