The RVing Cat Gets His Groove Back After A 2000 Mile Journey

Hey there cats everywhere – I’m happy to say that this rv cat made it (barely) 2,000 miles riding in the back seat of a pickup truck with the rv dog. Whew! I’m glad that trip is over. Dogs are crazy, especially ours, and while I tried to nap each day in the backseat, she never sat still and stepped on me continually. Plus she slobbers, licks, barks – making napping nearly impossible.

Oh Yeah, This RV Cat Has Got His Groove Back

Oh Yeah, This RV Cat Has Got His Groove Back

But we made it to our campsite for the summer, in the woods, and I’m glad to tell you rv cats that I’m getting my groove back. So what is this “groove” I speak of? Well, as I got worn down while on the road, my owners (not rving with cats experts) began to forget who actually rules this 5th wheel (me). I was too tired each night, when we would pull into a campsite for the evening, to assert myself. I would honestly get in the camper and just immediately sprawl out in the middle of the living room floor.

I’d lost my groove. No jumping on the table to demand my canned cat food is “fluffed” (I press it down into the bowl while eating, then refuse to eat the flattened pancake of chicken Fancy Feast). I didn’t have the energy to bang loudly on the shower walls when I used my litterbox. I slept in later than my owners, which kept me from waking them up at 4am just for entertainment. I was too weak to take up half of the couch, preferring to pass out in the middle of the floor. I no longer blocked the door entrance making my owners step over me. I was a sorry excuse for a cat, I tell ya.

But all of that has changed……………

Yes, after 2,000 miles and a few days of catching up on sleep, I am happy to report that I am back to ruling the kingdom once more. This rv cat loves nothing more than manipulating my humans around the clock. It takes a lot of energy to torment them like I do, but I catch up on my sleep when they leave the rv to do errands…I sleep like a baby and recharge my energy so that I can torment them more when they get home. Yep, this rving cat has got his groove back….

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