This RV Cat Loves Nothing Better Than A “Chicken Bath”

Hey rving cats everywhere, this rv cat has got some great tips for you. If you’re like me, you are stuck with humans who love to light candles, incense and other aromatic “treasures” that make me want to puke! But I fill our 5th wheel with an aroma I can’t resist…and I’ve named it the “chicken bath.”

This Is What I Do When I Smell Patchouli Incense

This Is What I Do When I Smell Patchouli Incense

I’ve said in other blog posts that I will ONLY eat Fancy Feast Chicken Classic
…I hate giblets, flakes and all of that other marketing garbage…just pass the pate, please…and make it chicken…no need for added vegetables, fish or other junk. So now that you know my passion for my ONLY food I will eat, want to know the next best part? Ahhh….it is, paws down, the chicken bath.

This Is All I Will Ever Eat In My Life

I gag when I smell Nag Champa, patchouli, asian spice and the other scents flying around this rving cat’s home. To my owner’s dismay (and my joy) I can make those scents disappear immediately when I go to my food bowl. It appears, just by adding my saliva, that I can make the entire camper smell like poultry…simply by eating!

But sometimes that isn’t enough – that is when I bathe. With a tongue freshly coated in Fancy Feast, I proceed to give myself an entire bath while the scent is still on my tongue. This ensures that I fill the recreational vehicle with only the aroma I love. The bonus is the look on my humans faces…they appear horrified, as the lovely smell fills every inch of the camper. We COULD compromise with a patchouli-poultry blend, but they would never consider it.

So rv cats everywhere, if you’re tired of how your home smells, just gobble down your canned cat food, then lick yourself silly in every room of the house. That’s what I do, and I’m proud of it!

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