This RV Cat’s Woes: Where’s The Fancy Feast Chicken Classic?

This rv cat has had it – almost ran out of my Fancy Feast Chicken Classic canned food for cats. It’s inexcusable, I tell you! We’ve traveled nearly 1500 miles already, from Illinois heading home to Glacier National Park, Montana – and do you think my OWNERS food cabinets are empty? Noooooo – of course not!

I ask for little in this rving cat life. Don’t believe me? Here’s my list:

  1. Put the rving dog outside once in awhile so I can get a break from her annoying personality.
  2. Move off the bed, couch or dinette booth when I feel like lying there.
  3. Litterbox contents to be removed immediately to keep it shiny clean at all times.
  4. Pay attention when I am meowing loudly…I need something that isn’t on this list.
  5. Finally, FANCY FEAST CHICKEN CLASSIC cat food. Keep at least 3 of the 12 pack boxes in house at all times for emergencies.

I don’t know what it is, but I love Fancy Feast Classics…but only chicken. I also hate shredded, giblets, hunks of meat in sauce, foo-foo elegant varieties, ones with fricking vegetables in them (come on people, honestly?). Nope – I only want one type of food. There may be 75 varieties of Fancy Feast canned cat food in the stores, but I want the PINK can that says CLASSIC CHICKEN FEAST. Don’t even try to get me anything else. I will eat it forever and never grow tired of it…not ever.

I Love To Nap After I Eat

I Love To Nap After I Eat


Well…we are rving across the country and Walmart after Walmart was out of it! I saw my 12 pack boxes go from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 box!! I was almost out! In fact, we were down to 2 cans left and I thought I would have a panic attack!!!!!! Every shelf where Fancy Feast Classic Chicken 12 packs should be sitting were completely empty.

Yesterday my owners finally found 3 boxes at a store, but that was all they had. So tomorrow, while traveling through Montana, they are making a pit stop just to buy more of it for me. I told them to never, ever let my Fancy Feast Classic favorite get that low again – I jumped up on the table and howled at them for quite a long time. I think they got the message.

All ye rving cats, be sure this doesn’t happen to you! Aside from the risk of going hungry, one of my favorite tricks with my Fancy Feast Chicken Classic is to give myself a bath right after eating it…I do this every time. It is like the ultimate cologne – my whole body doused in the juice from the pate. Can’t wait to see MY KITCHEN CABINET in the rv filled with Fancy Feast Classics tomorrow while on the road!

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