Westminster Best In Show Winners Should Be CATS, Says My Cat

Oh humans, this feline is sooo grateful that the Westminster Best In Show hysteria has come to an end in 2013. I am a cat who cannot stop laughing at the event, for so many reasons. Would you like to hear just some of them? Here you go:

  1. Dogs are dumb. I live with one and, well, she just ain’t that bright. I can see why it is best in “show” because basically these dog owners spend a fortune making them look poofy and sleek, then run them around in circles, then “winner!” Oh wow, impressive.
  2. These dogs honestly don’t look good. Most of them look like their paws were put in an electrical socket. Sure, they may have fancy collars, but it reminds me of the lipstick on a pig saying. This year’s winner, Banana Joe, looks like Chewbacca to me, or an ewok or something. Have you seen him yet? The link at the start of this post calls him a monkey face..ooh, what an HONOR! I’m the best, um, monkey face!
  3. Their names are weird and they are made fun of throughout the cat community. I’m a cat, my name is Spot, enough said. Oh, but poor Banana Joe – dignity instantly flushed down the toilet. What is wrong with you humans?

I travel around this country in an rv and I know what I’m talking about – dogs just ain’t right. Whether country canines or city dogs, they are all just goofy.

That's Me And The Dog - I'm Just So Much Cooler

That’s Me And The Dog – I’m Just So Much Cooler

If it was best in show for cats, which would make SENSE at least, we can show how useful we are. They could let a bag full of mice loose and we can all chase them…and you humans could time us. You would never have to worry about bad behavior, just might be a bit concerned we nap right through the contest. We could have a clean litter box contest, to see who covers up their poop the best. Some real skill could be demonstrated at the event. Most of all, we wouldn’t have that dumb, blank stare on our face like all dogs do. Yep, Westminster Best In Show Winners should be cats…I rest my case.

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