What Happens To RV Cats When Fulltimers Buy New RVs? Read This!

Greetings to rving cats (and any other cat for that matter) everywhere. It is Spot the rv cat here to fill you in on my life at the present moment. You know, I find my owners entertaining most days…sometimes annoying…but what I’ve gone through this week really takes the catnip.

While visiting in Illinois, they got the swell idea to sell the motorhome in exchange for a truck and 5th wheel camper. If you couldn’t guess, it is a nightmare. Here is what I am enduring, in no particular order:

  1. They didn’t tell me they were doing this. One day, they took me out of the rv, let me play in my playpen outside, then when they brought me in I went up to a bedroom! Can you imagine the rudeness?!
  2. They also didn’t tell me that selling an rv while visiting relatives, then trying to find the replacement rvs is quite a nightmare to achieve. So this is going to take awhile.
  3. It would be fine if they played with me in the bedroom all day, but they are busy looking at 5th wheels, getting tires/brakes put on the truck. So I’m sleeping a bit more than my 23 hours per day. I do get even though. They sleep with me at night and I like waking them up at all hours!

So that is my rv cat life (or lack thereof) right now. The family we are staying with is allergic to cats (and they have a big dog) so I am quite sequestered in the bedroom plus my time outside in the fresh air. But I miss my home, where I was the true king. Hopefully soon they will have the rv and things will be back to normal!

Peace, Spot

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2 Responses to What Happens To RV Cats When Fulltimers Buy New RVs? Read This!

  1. susan Oliver says:

    I am going to have a good time reading your blog. We plan on RVing after retirement in a few years and have 4 cats. Like it or not, they are coming with!

    • Spot says:

      Great to meet you!
      Oh boy…in 2009, when we started out (we decided virtually overnight to do this) we had a house with TWO dogs and TWO cats. They had been our family since they were young, so they had to come…like you say, like it or not. In the past four years, we lost two of them…so now we have one dog (Hannah) and our “little” 20 pound cat, Spot. You make it work…you get REALLY creative!

      We purchased things we knew would make life easier at the start…then we got whatever else we needed to fill in the gaps we’d missed!

      I know you mentioned you will be rving in a few years, but here are the staples we’ve learned we could never live without:

      Cat harness and leash (Spot slipped out of the thin kind, so we got him the “kitty holster” and it works great
      Pop up playpen (sometimes, whether he wants to or not, we NEED him to be outside for a bit!
      Rubbermaid bin that fits in rv shower stall (we put a full bag of litter in it and it makes for the ultimate litterbox that doesn’t need changing frequently)
      No spill water bowl (every bump, when on the highway, will make water splash without this!

      Those are our must-have items…hope it helps, and hope you visit/comment again! Looking forward to getting to know you!

      Robin, Jim (and Spot, of course)

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