Cheap Litterbox Alternatives For Frugal Cat Owners

I’ve got great, cheap litterbox alternative ideas, because I’m a smart cat. Sometimes my humans listen to me, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they have no choice because I yowl and meow so loudly that I am impossible to ignore. But finally, after many years, they seem to have gotten my message about the all-important litter box issue. And if you don’t think the problem of the litter box is so important, just think about all the rituals and behaviors that humans go through in the bathroom. We cats are actually much the same, but of course much superior. So you can imagine my frustration all these years trying to communicate with my humans about this very simple necessity for felines.

Back in the days when I lived in an actual non-moving house with my people, they tried a lot of different options to take care of my elimination needs. I was not an only cat at the time, so I had to share facilities with Sneaky, and later with my main squeeze, Toto. For a long time, my litter box was one of those hooded affairs, made especially for us cats by so-called experts. Well, let me tell you, when I was a younger cat and not quite as muscular and impressively buly as I am now, that kind of thing was OK. But after a couple of years, the enclosed box just got too small for me – it was hard to get in and do my business, and fortunately my usually dull-witted humans saw the problem.

The solution they came up with was the homemade, disposable litter box, made from cardboard boxes lined with plastic trash bags. It had plenty of room for me and my friend, and could simply be tossed in the garbage when we had wetted it down sufficiently. But it was a little too big for the RV, and when we all hit the road back in 2009 a solution had to be found.

At first they tried a bigger version of the hooded box, but it was too unwieldy and inconvenient in the RV shower stall. Then they got the brilliant idea of a storage bin that fit perfectly into the tiny bathtub, and that was OK for a while. But it was hard to clean and I apparently made too much noise scraping at the sides, although it was a lot of fun as I recall.

I tried to tell them, especially after I lost my mate, that all I needed was a good supply of litter and enough space to turn around in. They found a couple of shallow pans that were meant for under the bed storage, and tried them out. By keeping 2 of these together, they can have the next box ready while they clean out my deposits from the other one, and I always have a (relatively) clean place to do my business. Really, feline companions out there, you don’t have to buy fancy boxes for us designed by well-meaning but incompetent humans who think they know what we need. The perfect, cheap litterboxes are just simple rubbermaid containers. Keep it simple, stupid!

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