Humans, Here Are My Top 10 Tips On How To Travel With A Cat

Well my feline friends and human burdens, Spot the rv cat is here to tell you how to travel with cats based on my drama a few days ago. You see, my owners recently sold our motorhome (keep in mind we are full time rvers so this was our HOME) to swap for a 5th wheel and pickup truck. That in and of itself was quite dramatic to this feline who prefers peace, quiet and consistency.

But a few days ago they neglected to inform me it was time to say goodbye to family and travel 150 miles south to a campground in our new camper. The thing is, unlike the motorhome we had where we all drove together in our house on wheels, like a bus, there was now no way in hell I was gonna let them throw me in the fifth wheel by myself while my owners and the dog drove in the truck. Nope. Not gonna happen.

I'll Miss The Motorhome Dashboard When We Travel

I’ll Miss The Motorhome Dashboard When We Travel

So enter my “how to travel with a cat” advice. Here is what I did, my top 10 cat travel tips – partially for my comfort and partially to drive my owners absolutely crazy.

  1. Howl with an unearthly meow your owners have never heard before for at least the first 50 miles.
  2. Make sure that humans see to it their cat’s comfort is taken into account in every inch of the pickup truck. The cat bed goes between the two owners on the front seat, a throw blanket goes on the passengers lap (really pleasant in the 80 degree heat) so that when kitty decides the lap is better, the claws don’t draw blood (for owners wearing shorts).
  3. For those with extended cabs like us, be sure to jump back and forth from the back seat to front at least a dozen times during the ride.
  4. If you travel with a dog who is in the back seat, just constantly swat at him or her to ensure you get 87% of the back seat space (and the 80 pound hound gets the generous 13% of space that is left).
  5. Cough up at least one hairball so they panic and think you are going to vomit.
  6. Pretend you REALLY, REALLY need the litterbox right this second, even though you don’t.
  7. When in the back seat, pretend you are going for the window so your owner has to throw his/her arm over the front seat and continually pet you to keep you still (and to make sure you haven’t moved).
  8. Refuse to drink water so your owner pours little bottle caps of water down your throat in the heat – amazing at what these folks think of, isn’t it?
  9. Whenever they stop to get gas, stretch out in the driver’s seat and refuse to move.
  10. Demand a can of Fancy Feast is opened immediately, then only take two bites the entire time. The aroma in the hot truck is delightful! Much better than their patchouli car air freshener.

These are my tips on how to travel with a cat, and they worked! Keeping my owners scurrying and neurotic the entire trip was entertaining and made the ride go so quickly. Also, it ensured when we got to the campsite my needs were tended to first – the a/c was turned on in the 5th wheel, fresh food and water were available. Yep, humans can be trained…take it from me.


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