I Lose My Cool With A Tunnel Or Crinkle Bag For Cats

What is it about the sound of a crinkle tunnel, sack or bag that makes me humiliate myself and need to crawl inside? As a sophisticated cat, I pride myself on looking down on others most days. But when you owners throw a delightful, crinkly environment in front of me, watch me turn into mush. I don’t care what shape or size it is, I’m stuffing my 20+ pound body into it, like dressing goes into a Thanksgiving turkey.

I guess we cats have to admit it – we love tight spaces and crinkly sounds. Not sure where that evolutionary defect came into effect in felines, but we have a weakness. The problem is, our owners are learning about this weak side, and taking advantage of it! Is this truly necessary? A Santa Pants Cat Crinkle Tunnel for the holidays so we can entertain the entire family? Ugh.

I guess we have to recognize that we have this uncool gene, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Let’s just hope our owners buy us a crinkly sack that we actually like – something with a little style and taste, perhaps?

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